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Who we are

Everything is transformed

We create sustainable alternative materials from waste. Materials that become a precious value, which allows us to save raw materials by rationalizing the resources at our disposal.
Because nothing is created and nothing is destroyed.

New materials, new techniques and the key role of research applied to waste transformation: these are the strengths for changing the sector.

Why use noble materials such as sand or gravel for operations such as landfill capping, the refilling of mines and quarries or the construction of road foundations?

This is where TRESO is born, from the need to offer an answer through the research and development of effective tools for the transformation of waste into End of Waste materials or for the creation of By-products. The goal is simple: to apply the principles of the circular economy wherever possible to reduce land consumption and promote the adoption of virtuous and responsible practices.

For the environment, businesses and people

A team of professionals specialized in sustainable conversion and process optimization.

We are part of the NGM Group, a company with over 20 years of experience in sustainable waste management and in the production of renewable energy.
Our job is to use new technologies to transform waste - polluting and alternatively disposable at a high cost - into eco-innovative materials suitable for multiple industrial uses. Materials that become a precious value, which allows us to rationalize the resources available to us in complete respect for the environment.

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