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Thanks to our multidisciplinary experience we are able to offer you a series of services for the sustainable management of your business, providing you with End of Waste products for a varied number of uses and guaranteeing constant support and the safety of a partner always by your side.

We operate in Italy and Europe with over 900,000 tons of waste managed and more than 500,000 tons of By-products and End Of Waste Products marketed for industrial use, with a monthly average of over 30,000 tons handled.

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Waste disposal and recovery

We operate throughout the country with waste disposal, treatment and recovery activities (hazardous and non-hazardous), through a series of commercial agreements with plants and landfills. We are registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers as intermediaries without holding ( category 8 B ), with licenses up to 200 thousand tons / year . We also have the commercial exclusivity for the management of the CO.RI srl recovery plant with treatment capacity up to 120 thousand tons / year, and of the REFILL srl mine with a residual volume of 330 thousand cubic meters.

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Marketing of End Of Waste products and By-products

We design, manufacture and market By-products or End Of Waste products suitable for industrial use in the construction sector, in the production of energy from renewable sources, in the sustainable management of landfills.

We are holders of the exclusive license for Italy of the AMS® - Alternative Material Standard verification and certification protocol, issued by TÜV Italia, for the creation of alternative eco-sustainable End Of Waste materials suitable for construction operations and / or management of landfill, refiling of mines and quarries and other applications in the construction sector.

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Consultancy for the creation of End of Waste products

We offer our research and development skills to waste producers to industrialize innovative recovery technologies and to obtain the necessary authorizations for the creation of End of Waste products or By-products. We provide Business Strategy consultancy to assess the economic sustainability of waste transformation processes, also dealing with the purchase and sale of products generated post-recovery in treatment plants.

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Import / Export notification service

Our foreign office deals with all the notification procedures for the purpose of obtaining the authorization for the import or export of waste and raw materials on behalf of our customers. We operate in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

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